T-Shirt Design… Is it Worth the Effort.

Well it has been a little while since my last post (Sorry). So recently I have conducted a little experiment. The idea is to see if it is possible through selling T-shirt designs to maintain a minimum subsistence income for when work might be a little quieter. It has been a very busy time and I feel like I might need to take a bit of a break once the experiment is over… Lets see if it is worth it….

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How Important is Design to my Business?

It is amazing to me that this is still a question anyone asks any more. But there are still hundreds of shops with frontages like the one above, and I still have clients that view the design process as little more than as an optional afterthought to their plans. Up until maybe the 80’s or 90’s (somewhere around there) this was the way most business treated design, it was a bit of polish that was expensive and not really necessary. Today though design can make or break a business.

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The End of Print?

Okay, first a clarification. Egon is wrong, print isn’t dead or dying and it isn’t going anywhere. This post is more about the end of design specifically for print. Until a few decades ago all design was created to be printed, to be made in to something physical. Design was about making something real and tangible. Today design is more an exercise in digital fantasy. We can create anything we want in colours that cannot even be replicated in the real world.


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New Website

Hi guys,

Just a quick update from my phone, my new website has been launched and is now live. I thoroughly recommend checking it out.


It is much better than the old one, it features a whole new portfolio gallery and details on rough costings as well as any offers.

Much thanks need to be shared with developer anguaji (Beth Brennan) for coding it up and making sure it all works. Seriously check her out if you need any web development.

Okay that’s it for now. Proper post is coming on Friday.

How Much Does Design Cost?

Because I have a sale on at the moment (20% off the final invoice for projects started in January) I thought it’d be apt to do a post on how much design costs and how much you should be paying. One of the big questions when it comes to design, on both sides, is “how much does it cost?”. Designers often find it hard to initially set their prices and customers often have little to no idea how much they should be paying. It is a difficult question.

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Tutorial: Vintage Beer Bottle Label (Photoshop)

Hi guys,

So it’s a new year, I hope you all had a terrific time over the holidays, I did. I won’t say I drank a wee bit too much… But…

One of the things I noticed was the packaging on beer, how it’s put together and how it works and started thinking how great it’d be to write a tutorial on product packaging, particularly focusing on beer. Product design is great to practice as a designer, it needs you to work pretty much all the design muscles. It needs to be succinct, to the point, eye catching, creative and made to measure.

I had a look around and couldn’t see anyone having done a tutorial on this, which I thought was a bit weird given how many homebrew enthusiasts are out there, that may like to do their own labels.

This tutorial will be creating a generic design in a traditional/vintage style of beer bottle label perfect for pint bottles.

I’m going to be working entirely in Photoshop for this tutorial mostly because I want to keep it simple and aimed at maybe people who haven’t designed before. If you do have access to Illustrator though I would recommend using it instead (most of the instructions are interchangeable).

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January Sales!!!

So I’ve been thinking about running some sales for the new year. I like to think that I always give good value to my customers but I’d really like to give something back as a thank you.

So why am I blogging about it, I guess mostly because I’m not sure what form the sale should be in. Would you guys appreciate like a blanket sale like “20% off all invoices” or would you be interested in something more specific ie. “£20 off all logo designs“.

Which would be more helpful to you?

How do you feel about sales in general. Do you like them or do you think they’re just a shady promotional tool?

Personally I quite like running a sale from time to time, I have yet to see any of my sales attract more business (it seems to be fairly steady, and quiet, so very quiet) but I like to think that I might be able to help someone. There are a lot of people out there that never think to have any design work done because they are afraid that they can’t afford it. I like to think that by publicising a sale may at least get them thinking about the different ways in which they could use a design service.

So there we go just a little post before the new years… Oh and keep an eye out for the new website coming in the new year. http://www.vpdesign.me.uk

Cheers Guys.

The Xmas Jumper Post

So I was a little bit stuck when trying to decide what to write about in this weeks update. Honestly I’ve been a bit cloudy headed recently and thoughts have not been coming to me overly fluidly. So I’d really like to thank Al Watson for the suggestion of Christmas jumpers over on my facebook .

So then, I want to start by pointing out that when it comes to fashion I really haven’t got a clue. For the most part I have spent the last decade in my usual faded t-shirt and Hawaiian shirt combo, and I’m very comfortable with this look. So I’ll be looking at the Christmas jumper thing from a purely design perspective or possibly not.

Seriously though it’s a good look…

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